The Man Registry: 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning the Wedding Night

Posted by Azure on June 30th, 2010
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Make sure your wedding night is one you and your fiance will never forget

I’m sure you’re busy planning the rehearsal dinner, choosing the groomsmen attire or booking the honeymoon, but I’m going to be blunt about another thing that is equally important: wedding night sex.

This is an area that most grooms do overlook in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. However, it’s something that you definitely want to get right. It entails a lot more than just the act of sex. It’s just as much about setting the proper mood and celebrating the first night of the rest of your lives in the most memorable way possible. Here are three things to keep in so you’ll both enjoy the hell out of the wedding night (preferably multiple times): Prep the oven

We’re talking about the hotel room or bedroom where you’ll be spending your first night as a married couple. When you carry her over the threshold for the first time, the first thing she should notice is the mood of the room. We recommend taking care of this decorating earlier in the day. If your schedule doesn’t permit, consider asking the Best Man for help or ask the hotel if they offer any sort of “mood setting” service. What kind of mood should you be thinking about? There’s really not much “outside the box” thinking involved here: Champagne, rose petals, flowers, chocolate, candles and perhaps a romantic iPod mix should do the trick. Save some energy

At my wedding reception, I was handed a drink every time one of my hands was empty. In hindsight, I should have cut myself off. I was tired, exhausted and a little tipsy when we got back to the hotel room. I fought through it, but many grooms do fall victim to not pacing themselves. I know you want to spend the evening dancing and/or drinking, but do try to save some energy for the festivities that are still to come... Always be closing

Just because the wedding night is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be working your rear off the next morning. If you’ve got a little extra time before heading to the airport, hitting the road or spending time with family – I strongly recommend treating her to breakfast in bed or a brunch at her favorite restaurant. If your families and out-of-town relatives are pressuring you to spend time with them, see if you can push that back until later in the day. Big plans for the wedding night? We want to hear them (minus the graphic details). Let us know below in the comments!
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