The Man Registry: A Must Read for the Groomsmen- Gag Gifting the Groom

Posted by Azure on August 11th, 2010
About The Man Registry

As the groom’s friend, you’re already shelling out for a wedding gift, the bachelor party festivities and travel to the wedding. We know this can be a stress on your wallet. However, there is one more very important thing that you must purchase for the groom on his “last night of freedom.” We’re of course talking about gag gifts.

Regardless of how risqué the stag party is going to be, it’s never a bad idea to have a little fun with the groom. This fun can come in the form of t-shirts with funny sayings, items from the local adult store or even a list of challenges that the groom must complete by the end of the night.

At my bachelor party, I was given a horrendous ‘Game Over’ shirt to wear around to the restaurant and bars that we were going to. It didn’t matter that I had bought a very nice dress shirt for the evening. It was my bachelor party and I clearly wasn’t going to be the boss of anything. I also was given a lighter with a very suggestive phrase written on the side. I was “challenged” to approach girls that had cigarettes and to offer them a light... while forcing them to read the side of the lighter.

Hey, it beats going to a strip club, right?
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