Wedding Traditions Revealed: Groom Carrying Bride Over The Threshold

Posted by Azure on September 21st, 2010
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Recently I watched a movie where the groom went out of his way to carry his bride over the threshold which made me start thinking - is this still a common practice, or is it an old tradition?

Through my research I have found the origin of this tradition and want to reach out to all of my readers to see if they believe the tradition has continued to change into a more positive tradition or if they even take part in carrying their bride into their new home together?

In the earliest of days it was believed that newly married couples were very susceptible to evil spirits. The groom would carry his bride over the threshold to keep the evil from entering through the soles of her feet and to avoid any of her family's demons from entering the groom's home. Following these beliefs came the time of "marriage by capture", and forced marriages. The bride was certainly not going by her own free choice, and carrying her over the threshold was a symbol of her unwillingness to enter into marriage.

Reading about this tradition it is hard to find an explanation as to why this tradition is continued and still practiced based on its negative beginnings. Prior to looking up its origin, I thought that the act of carrying your bride into your new home was a sweet act and can be fun for the couple. I'm not going to lie, I have been carried over a threshold or two in my time smile

I want to know if this is still a tradition that couples take part in - or if brides still expect it. Obviously the meaning of the tradition has drastically changed over the years, but does knowing the origin make you wonder why it was continued for so long? Post a comment below telling us what your take is on this one age-old tradition!
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