Wedding Day Top Tip- Stay Hydrated and Eat Something to Calm Those Nerves

Posted by Azure on November 17th, 2010
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Don’t forget to eat something, and stay hydrated, the day of the wedding

One of the often overlooked tasks on the wedding day may actually be the most important thing you can do for yourself. I’m talking about remembering to eat properly– and doing so might just help you get through the day on both feet.

Chances are you’ll be nervous, emotional and perhaps stressed when you wake up on the wedding day. Food may be the last thing that appeals to you; however it’s of uber-importance to force yourself to eat something. Choose something that’s going to go easy on your stomach. Fruit, cereal, yogurt and muffins are all easy and acceptable options. If your wedding is early in the day, put the Best Man and Maid of Honor in charge of having food available on both sides of the wedding.

If the wedding is taking place later in the evening, you’ll also want to be sure to eat a solid lunch. Sandwiches are again an easy option. Subway, Jimmy Johns and Firehouse Subs are just a few of my favorite options that offer party sub platters.

Dinner at the wedding reception is often a challenge for the bride and groom. Although you’ll be the first to be served dinner, there will also be pressure to finish eating quick so you can get around and thank all of your wedding guests for attending. My suggestion is to eat a small first round of dinner right away and pack a doggie bag for after the reception. Your caterer or wedding coordinator will usually take care of packing this bag for you. However, if they don’t offer this service, it’s an ideal job for the Best Man or Maid of Honor. Other Valuable Tips

- Only eat what feels comfortable. You need to get food in your body, but you don’t want to feel stuffed.

- Put extra emphasis on breakfast. Depending on the time of your wedding, it may be the only meal you get to sit down and eat.

- Keep bottled water or Gatorade on hand at all times. What to Avoid

- Eating a heavy meal or late night snacks the night before the wedding.

- Drinking heavily (that’s what the bachelor party and honeymoon are for).

- Eating high sugar content snacks or fried foods on the day of the wedding.

---- What’s your plan of attack for eating on the wedding day? Let us know in the comments section below.
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