Grooms: Accessorize to Impress with Creative Cuff Links

Posted by Azure on March 2nd, 2011
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Obviously, all eyes will be focused on the bride on the wedding day. However, as the groom, you’ll want to be dressed to impress on the off chance anyone happens to glance over in your direction. When selecting your attire and accessories, it’s never a bad idea to look for a way to leave a unique mark. Cuff links are a key way that many grooms go about doing this. Whether you’re going for that classic look or looking for a flashier theme, we think the following options make for serious contenders.

Like what you see? For the next week, OneWed readers can receive 15% off from The Man Registry along with free shipping on orders over $149 by using the code TMROW02 at checkout! 1. Silver-Plated Cufflinks– For the groom that wants to show off some elegance and class, these executive cuff links won’t disappoint. The silver-plated pieces arrive in a special gift box that and can be engraved with up to three initials. 2. Dollar Sign Cufflinks– Are you a high roller? Want to show that status off on your wedding day? Look no further than this special dollar sign set. For marking the occasion, the tin that they arrive in can be personalized with your wedding date. 3. Blue Knot Cufflinks– Grooms can be forgetful. This stylish pair of cufflinks will help you remember that you’re tying “the knot.” Furthermore, they’ll be a perfect match to your décor and theme if you’re going to be using the color blue (which we highly recommend). 4. Superman Cufflinks– Without these cufflinks: you’re the man of flimsy plastic. With them: you’ll be the man of steel. How will your bride be able to resist you on the wedding night? 5. Numbers Cufflinks– What a neat way to mark the date of your wedding. With the “numbers” set, you can select two numbers. If you’re getting married on the 23rd of April, you can wear “2” and “3” on your wrist.
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