The Dapper Groom: 5 Unique Wedding Day Looks

Posted by Azure on March 22nd, 2011
2011 is all about the dapper groom! And there are more formal wear choices than ever before for grooms looking to show off their stylish sides.

During the Neiman Marcus Fashion Rules fashion show, a rich chocolate brown tux, tailored to perfection, caught my eye as it made its way down the catwalk. Normally, I wouldn't expect a tuxedo in this shade to tickle my fancy... But this one did! And it inspired me to go on the hunt for other unique and unexpected formal wear looks for 2011 grooms and beyond. From preppy to edgy to beach wedding cool, check out these five unique looks for your groom: 1. Sophisticated Groom: Armani Collezioni Classic Black Tuxedo and chocolate brown tux. 2. Beach-Bound Groom: Dolce & Gabbana khaki Linen Blazer, Vest & Hemp Trousers. 3. Country Club Groom (beyond comfortable with his masculinity!): Armani Collezioni Raspberry Double-Face Jacket, terra Polo & pinstripe drawstring linen pants. 4. Fashion-Forward Groom (who's a little bit rock 'n roll): Versace Jacquard Tuxedo Blazer. 5. Edgy Groom: Alexander McQueen metallic Spotlight Jacquard Jacket. Could you see your groom rocking any of these formal wear looks on your big day? Post a comment below to share your thoughts!
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