Wedding Ideas, Tips, and Advice for Grooms from The Man Registry

Posted by Azure on May 16th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Best Wedding Blogs of 2011 winner, The Man Registry

1. Best advice for grooms? One of my favorite recent trends on the groom's side is guys setting up a blog or Twitter account to document their wedding planning. It's a great way to share funny (or horror) stories, get inspiration and gain feedback on ideas. You can also meet and connect with potential wedding vendors that also have a social media presence. It's a win-win. For ideas, check out The Groom Says, Temple of Groom and Groomenstein. 2. Best advice for brides? You should let your guy add a few dude-friendly items to the wedding registry, or at the very least, let him control the scanner while you're registering. Us guys love toys. 3. Top DON’Ts for grooms? Don't be harsh on your bride if she starts to tread into bridezilla territory. While it certainly can be a challenge to be around a high-strung, antsy bride-to-be, realize that she wants the day to be perfect and nothing is going to stand in her way. And nor should anything. Instead of trying to go head to head with her, try planning regular date nights or evenings in where wedding talk is off limits. This is a great way to spend time together, relax and remind each other the reasons you're getting married in the first place. 4. Best groomsmen gifts? There are so many kick-ass groomsmen gift ideas out there. It's can be tough for a groom to even know where to start looking. When guys come to me for suggestions, I always tell them that the first thing they need to do is think of an interest for each member of their wedding party and theme their gift around said interest. There's no rule that says you have to buy the same gift for each groomsmen. Personally, I'm a huge fan of sports related gifts. The Collegiate Grill Tools are probably my favorite suggestion on the TMR website. 5. Favorite designer for groom’s attire? Tips for picking out the suit or tux? I'm a big fan of Rik Ducar who has stores in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Rik's line features formal-inspired tuxedos and suits along with all the accessories that a groom needs on the wedding day.

As far as attire tips go, I always tell grooms that they need to leave at least one personal mark on their wedding day look. Whether it's a unique set of cufflinks, a slick pocket square or lining up custom shoes for all the guys, get creative with accessories and do something that will make your look one-of-a-kind. 6. Why the royal wedding obsession? People are obsessed with the Royal Wedding? Really? 7. Ideas to surprise the bride on the big day? Sometimes the simplest tokens of appreciation can go the furthest. I think sending your bride a heartfelt, handwritten note on the on the morning of the wedding is the perfect way to start the big day. No matter how much stress she's under, reading your words will make everything better and get her that much more excited to meet you at the altar. 8. Share the biggest BS moment (at your wedding, a friend’s wedding or a wedding you’ve planned)- I had decided to go with a St. Louis Cardinals themed groom's cake for our wedding. We happened to be getting married in Kansas City (where my wife and her family are from). Given that there's a big rivalry between St. Louis and Kansas City, my future brother-in-laws decided to play a little joke on me and swap out my Cardinals wedding cake for a Kansas City Royals Cake. I have to admit that it was a pretty good prank. We ended up eating both cakes and having a lot of laughs! 9. Post-wedding, what things, splurges or must-haves turned out to be not so important? We registered for (and received) a boatload of crystal. I don't regret it at all because I know we'll eventually get use out of it on holidays and special occasions. However, since we live in Los Angeles and our gifts were given to us in Kansas City, we haven't even been able to use or display the crystal yet. We're too afraid of damaging it during transportation. Come to think of it... I know I've got a crystal decanter sitting in storage back home. Maybe it is time to get that baby out here! 10. Go home early or stay out late after the reception? Go home! There are certain things that come before partying on your wedding night. 11. Favorite honeymoon destination? I'm partial to cruises. I feel that in addition to affordable pricing, a cruise gives you the opportunity to visit several destinations as opposed to having to pick just one. Just be careful not to spend too much time in the casino, it is your honeymoon after all.
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