10 Things NOT to Say to a Stressed-Out Bride

Posted by Azure on September 19th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Kara Horner ofTheManRegistry.com

Let’s face it; wedding planning can be stressful, especially for brides. No matter how you try to convince yourself that it’s 'just a day,' your wedding day is a major life milestone, which makes it unlike any other regular old day. And because you want every detail related to your wedding to go smoothly and according to plan, it’s easy to get carried away when those plans inevitably go a bit awry.

If your fiancée is showing signs of major wedding planning fatigue (e.g., stress, tears, anger, screaming, exhaustion), here are 10 things NOT to say to her, unless absolutely necessary. Men, choose your words carefully here.

1. Maybe your/my mother was right about (fill in the blank).

2. When is our wedding date?

3. I have some work friends who might show up at the wedding last-minute. Is that cool?

4. Why are you so stressed out?

5. I have to buy groomsmen gifts?

6. The (fill in the blank) vendor called, and they have to cancel.

7. It’s just a wedding — don’t get so worked up about it!

8. I just ran the numbers and we have to cut 60 people from our guest list to stay within our budget.

9. There’s a problem with our honeymoon reservations.

10. You’re turning into a total bridezilla!

Now that you know what not to say to your stressed out bride, here are 10 things you SHOULD say instead:

1. You look beautiful today!

2. You’re doing a great job with the wedding plans. Can I do anything to help?

3. Want to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner, or can I make you dinner tonight?

4. Here’s a gift certificate for the spa – go!

5. You’re right; this shade of pink is just a bit off. Let’s find the right one.

6. I booked the (fill in the blank) vendor today. We can cross that one off our list!

7. Let’s go wedding cake tasting today!

8. I can’t wait to marry you.

9. Let’s elope!

10. Two more days until the honeymoon!

We know there are plenty more things a groom should and should not say to his bride-to-be, so post your ideas below! And feel free to turn the tables and share your tips on things brides should & should not say to their grooms.
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