Don’t Let Packing for your Dream Honeymoon Turn into a Nightmare

Posted by Azure on July 27th, 2009
Happy Monday!
Overstuffed suitcase

Ever since Bride Chic’s post on Friday about choosing a trousseau, I’ve been day- dreaming about honeymoons and travel. Today, the Chicago Tribune had a great article about how to pack for a trip, especially if space is tight.

Here are the top points: • Stick with basic neutral clothes; add two colors for pop • Pick easy-care jersey or no-wrinkle knits • Roll clothes or layer in dry-cleaner bags • Leave expensive jewelry at home • Limit shoes to a maximum of these four: sneaker, casual flat, dressy, flip-flops • Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane (note from me: if your heaviest footwear is hiking

boots or ski boots, then put your flip-flops in your carry-on) • Pack only what you can carry up a long staircase.

To read the whole article, go here.

What about you? Do you overpack or underpack?
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