Off the Chart Wedding Giveaway: Free Airfare to Your Caribbean Honeymoon!

Posted by Azure on January 4th, 2010
Happy Monday!
Could this be the airplane to take you on the free honeymoon of your dreams?

We know a lot of you may be newly engaged and new to our site, so it's possible you haven't heard about our amazing Off-the-Chart wedding giveaway! Our Off-the-Chart wedding giveaway is designed to take care of all those things that don't make it on to your typical wedding budget chart, so when they come up, they can really throw a wrench in things!

Every week for the past few months we've been profiling a different one of our amazing sponsors and the gift they're donating to this wedding giveaway. One of the first items we told you about was a Luxury Included Sandals Resort Honeymoon.

If you're wondering how to get there, wonder no more. Thanks to Homewood Travel, we also have two airplane tickets for you and your fiancé.

Time is running out, so make sure you're entered today! Helpful Links: Off-the-Chart Wedding Giveaway Details Off-the-Chart Sponsor Profiles Off-the-Chart Rules Wedding Budget Percentages Disclosure: All prizes donated by OneWed sponsors. smile
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