Group Tours, A Good Idea for Your Honeymoon?

Posted by Azure on May 26th, 2010
Starting to think about your honeymoon? Richard Price of Executive Tours has an interesting idea you might not have thought of, a group tour.
Does an exotic beach location sound like a great honeymoon idea to you?

Richard suggests group tours for two reasons: “First, as honeymooners, it’s pretty much a given that everyone will want to buy you a drink. Play your cards right, and you’ll never pay for a single glass of wine on the entire trip! Secondly, after the wedding itself, each couple experiences a bit of “couple shock”– that awkwardness the comes when they suddenly find themselves with only their own company and the disquieting but unspoken knowledge that this is pretty much how it’s going to be for the rest of their lives. By honeymooning with a group, this eases the severity of “couple shock” or at least it temporarily postpones it.”

If you and your fiancé haven’t done a lot of traveling, especially overseas than a group tour might also be a great way to make you comfortable in strange places where you don’t know the language. Obviously, Richard recommends his own “Crack of Noon Tours,” which are scheduled so that all sightseeing and events occur at the “civilized hour of noon.” Giving the honeymooning couple plenty of time to sleep in.

Not sure about a group tour? Check out this new site from the UK. 101 Honeymoons has an easy pull down menu system designed to give you great ideas for your honeymoon (and a great way to spend your lunch hour).

What do you think, does a group tour sound good for your honeymoon? Helpful Links Book Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Find Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Experts More Honeymoon Ideas
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