Featured Wedding: How Amy Met Gabe

Posted by Azure on March 6th, 2009
Admittedly, I am a sucker for "how we met" stories. The tale of Amy & Gabe, below, is just one of those stories. How did you meet your sweetheart?

I was staring into space as I waited to order my Potbelly’s sandwich in Midway Airport. My future husband thought I was “checking him out.” Little did I know that a tired gaze would lead to love!

I proceeded through the line, bought my sandwich, and headed towards my gate. Meanwhile my future husband was contemplating striking up a conversation with the gazing girl in Potbelly’s. He made a deal with himself to start a conversation with me if I walked to the same terminal. He slowly strolled towards his gate and sure enough I was soon on his heels. Once we were side by side he turned and used the creative line, “Where are you going?” Caught a little off guard, I answered, “Vegas!” Of course every guy loves a girl who vacations in Vegas, so he continued the conversation.

Within 2 minutes, we had found a surprising number of similarities: both from Michigan, lived on the same street less than a mile apart in Chicago, both had Vegas stories, and both played tennis. During the short conversation, I learned he had tennis courts and he suggested we play sometime. I decided to take him up on the tennis offer and gave him my phone number. I like to say I gave him my number for the tennis opportunity, but there was definitely a deeper connection and attraction right from the start.

We parted ways in the airport both leaving with a smile. My second day back from Vegas we played tennis. I “kicked his butt,” he took it like a man, and we have been together ever since!
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