Featured Wedding: AnnElise and Christopher

Posted by Azure on June 9th, 2009
Special Feature - Photos by Will Duris of Utah Wedding Photography, text by AnnElise

Our vision was to have a simple wedding without sacrificing elegance. We wanted to make it a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

First we were sealed in the LDS Oakland Temple overlooking the gorgeous San Francisco Bay. Afterward there was a small luncheon for our closest guests, outstretching over the marina in a room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Later that night, we chose to have a reception for the rest of our guests in my cozy backyard.

My neighbor, who is a fantastic cook, catered the reception with delicious shrimp bruschetta and skewers of all different cheeses, fruits and meats, each marniated uniquely.

My gown was handmade with a 1960's strawberry and daisy lace that was also placed on the top tier of our wedding cake. A suit fit my laid-back husband much better than any tux would have! We loved the relaxing atmosphere and enjoyed the beauty of the day.
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