Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot: Jamie and Richie at Red Rock Canyon

Posted by Azure on March 19th, 2010
Featured Pre-Wedding Session by Shannon and Jeremie Hollman of thousand words photography

Photographing couples is my absolute favorite thing to do. Engagements, weddings, anniversaries... you name it! There is nothing better than capturing the love that two people have for each other. Capturing the way they look into each others’ eyes. Capturing the way they, well... LOVE!

I find inspiration for couple sessions from the couple themselves. You usually don't have to give much direction- they are more than happy to stand there, look at each other, giggle, hug, and kiss. I like to tell them to just "be". Just pretend I'm not there. Granted, at times it may be a bit awkward for the couple, but telling a few jokes, asking about their love story, giving them time to warm up... it doesn't take long for them to forget I'm even there!

Jamie and Richie will tie the knot this weekend, and this pre-wedding session (in the beautiful desert at red rock canyon) was full of inspiration! When you put 2 people who are madly in love with each other in an amazing location like the red rock canyon, you’ve set yourself up for a session made in heaven! The natural beauty of the desert serves as the most incredible backdrop; throw in a beautiful bride wearing a vintage-inspiredwhite wedding dress and birdcage veil, and a handsome, dapperly-dressed groom, and you've got everything you need! All of the pictures you see here are natural light photos taken just as the sun was setting… It truly does not get any more romantic than this! What’s the most romantic place that you can think of for a pre-wedding shoot? It can be a practical spot (near you and your hubby-to-be), or a place far, far away (like Santorini, Greece). The world is your oyster, and we’re dying to hear your top picks. So dish it, Savvy Scoopers!

Artistic black and white pre-wedding photo at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Groom kisses beautiful bride’s shoulder during pre-wedding photo session in Nevada desert

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