Savvy Steals Giveaway: Renellie Custom-Made Toppers for Your Wedding Cake

Posted by Azure on June 7th, 2010
When event planner Rena Puebla was looking for a cake topper for her own wedding she hit upon a snag. Rena is African-American and her now-husband is of Japanese descent. None of the brides and grooms on the cake toppers looked anything like either of them, let alone the two of them together!
These Renellie cake toppers featuring African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American brides and groo

She wound up going a different route for her own wedding cake, but the problem gnawed at her throughout her honeymoon. When she came back, she did the obvious thing: She started making her own cake toppers!

Rena joined forces with Ellie Genuardi to form Renellie, a business specializing in custom-made Cake Toppers, where you choose the gender, ethnicity, hair-color and eye color of your figurines. You can mix and match to create the cake topper that perfectly matches you and your beloved.

These fabulously personal cake toppers have been featured on Desperate Housewives and in the movie, Our Family Wedding starring Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera. Now, with this week’s Savvy Steal you have the chance to win one of these amazing cake toppers. To win a Renellie cake topper with figurines matching your requirements here’s what you do (read carefully, the rules have been updated): • Register on OneWed if you are new to the site.

 • Comment on any Savvy Scoop blog post while signed in (so we know it's you!)

 • Each comment you post will give you one additional entry into this week's contest, so the more comments, the better your chances of winning.

 • Only comments before 12 pm CST on Friday, June 11th will count, so get your comments in before this deadline!

 • We'll select and announce the lucky winner before 5pm CST on June 11th on the blog. If you win, you’ll have one week to contact us at to claim your prize. You must contact us by June 18th, or we’ll give it to someone else!

By the way, Rena is a featured event planner on this Friday’s episode of TLC’s Battle of the Wedding Planners! We’ll have a short interview with her later in the week. *Disclosure: Cake topper donated by Renellie
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