Always a Blogsmaid: 5 Tips to Say Yes to the Dress

Posted by Azure on May 14th, 2009

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Recently, a client of mine was in a dilemma: she was absolutely stuck when it came to a dress. She had seen a few that she liked, and was leaning towards one a bit more then the other, but she was literally stuck. Not everyone knows immediately if a dress is right for them, and, especially if you look good in a few, it can be a difficult decision. We met up to peruse photos and I offered up a few tips that I find work, and I thought I'd share them with you! 1. Ask yourself if you feel like YOU in the dress. I think it's always awesome to look "glamorous" or like a "princess" or like a "bride", but make sure that it looks like YOU with that adjective. Sometimes dresses can overshadow a bride, no matter how much you might like the dress itself. 2. Leave the dressing room. One of my favorite things to know when a dress is "right" is to leave the dressing room and see other people's reaction to a dress. Time and again, when a dress looks really great on a bride, I will overhear other brides saying "can I try that on?" or mothers suggesting they look at something by "whoever designed what that woman is wearing". 3. Go to your closet. Try on your favorite dress and ask yourself what things about it make you like the way you look in it- is it the waistline? Is it the neckline? Remember those things and take that info to your dress appointments. 4. Forget pre-conceived notions. Don't let your image of "what you always thought you'd like" stop you from looking at something different. Just because you always thought you'd wear strapless, don't refuse to see something with a strap or sleeve. You might have only imagined yourself in a slinky gown, but something a little more full might click. Don't look at EVERYTHING, but if the consultant has a suggestion, be open to it! 5. Sleep on it. No matter how much pressure you might feel in the appointment, if you aren't 100% sure, get a full nights rest and re-think it. Sometimes your memory of how you felt in a dress goes a long way.

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