The Bespoke Bride: Hiring a Day Of Coordinator for a Stress-Free Wedding

Posted by Azure on June 11th, 2009
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One of the first things I did once we started planning the wedding was to find a wedding planner, or rather, a day of coordinator (DOC). Given my Type A tendencies and event management career I knew that I wanted to plan my own wedding but I hadn’t any desire to look after the day of bits, nor did I want to task my family or friends with it. Partly because I envisioned a wedding day that involved sleeping in, getting a manicure and generally lazing about the house with a glass of champagne in hand as I got ready and celebrating with everyone throughout the night. And partly because I didn’t envision an agenda that saw me getting up at some ungodly hour to accomplish an arm’s length of tasks and then fussing about details all night long. Of all the days to pull I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-anything-but-having-fun card, I figure this is a good one. Right? Enter the decision to hire a DOC.

Many planners offer day of coordination as a stand alone service– ideal for couples who are completely comfortable planning their own wedding, but are just looking to truly enjoy their day. While it may seem like an additional cost that can be alleviated by sharing the duties between friends, consider that a DOC handles so much more than just the setting up the venue.

They ensure your MC knows when to speak, that suppliers receive their payment, that the food is coming out on time, that your crazy Uncle Bob giving a toast is on deck when he needs to be and isn’t hanging out behind the bar, and they are the go-to person for any troubleshooting throughout the day/night. Their services allow you to enjoy your day without having to worry about the logistics or the details, when your only real concern should be not spilling red wine on your dress– and if you do, fear not, because a good DOC will whip out the stain remover before you can say, “Cheers”.
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