Bubbly Bride: Tantalizing Tulle At Your Wedding

Posted by Azure on July 13th, 2009
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As a little girl you may have had dreams of spinning carefree in a "poofy" wedding gown, living out your fairytale as a true princess. Wedding gowns designed with tulle are a picture perfect inspiration for this carefree way of life. These dresses are a growing trend with brides in search of a romantic feel for their wedding due to their light and airy texture. They also add style in vintage-themed weddings with a flashback to the 1950's and the popularity of tulle dresses.

This fabric isn't for everyone! Tulle is one of the most delicate fabrics in wedding gowns and can catch easily on furniture/items around you. Most gowns made out of tulle have somewhere between 6 - 12 layers—creating a full bodied skirt—and with these layers there are lots of areas to get dirt, lint and strings caught between. If your wedding is outside I suggest taking extra precaution with this fabric and paying attention to your surroundings, picking out small items from between the layers of tulle can take awhile!

Tulle is also not an easy fabric to alter. If you need to shorten this dress you might need to find someone who is specially skilled to work with tulle and the numerous layers. Always get a quoted price before agreeing to anything, with the time and delicate nature of the alterations some can be more expensive than expected. Finally, if you are a bride who likes everything nice and neat in place, this is not the dress for you! The layers may ride up, dirt might creep between the fabric and it might catch on a pew and rip a tiny bit. But if you are the bride who is still that little girl spinning with your dress flowing around you, and you like to run outside and don't care about a little dirt, then this is a beautiful fabric that will add a lot of style to your big day!

Tulle can take a simple silhouette and add a unique flavor with different tiers and depth to the dress. These tulle skirts used to be seen as too "bride-y" and almost tacky... not anymore! Designers are combining a variety of fabrics with tulle and creating dresses that are irresistible and more flattering than ever!

Check out the tantalizing tulle inspiration below!!

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