Wishpot: How to Save the Date

Posted by Azure on November 4th, 2009

This month Wishpot brings you creative ways to let your guests know to save the date. Your wedding date is a momentous occasion and when you let others know to book that date on their calendars do it in style.

This collection of save-the-date cards shows unique and special ideas including printing save the da

Have your wedding date printed or embroidered on something your guests will carry with them. Such as dainty hankies (1) like the ones found on Pretty Chicky’s Wishpot list. Or print your date on mint tins (8) like the ones from Beaucoup Favors. Print your save the date on something your guests will keep with them and appreciate. Print your wedding date on something that your guests will see often, and can proudly display, like a fridge magnet. The horizontal fridge magnet from Exclusively Weddings (7) or the vertical fridge magnet from terrys village(6) are two examples of how magnets can beautifully display your wedding date. And each time your guests go to their fridge their excitement and anticipation for your wedding grows. Choose a design print that reflects your wedding theme. Postcards (2) like the one from lucky luxe couture correspondence let your guests know that your wedding will have a vintage feel. In comparison to the one from Maupromos,(4) which has a more elegant feel to it. Choose a save your date that represents your couples personality. Caricatures(3) and now playing photo collages add a personal and playful touch to your save the dates. Another fun idea for your save the dates are stickers. The ones from Maupromos show a whimsical side to save the dates. And if you are looking for the more eco-friendly options consider evite and printing on eco-friendly cards that can later be planted. Regardless of what you do, be creative, choose something your guests will see and want to keep, and most importantly make your save the dates reflect your wedding and your person. Your wedding is about celebrating your couple and so should everything about it. @gift_girl Wishpot is a shop anywhere online wish list service. Find us on Twitter @wishpot and fan us on Facebook.

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