Bubbly Bride: Modern Twist At Your Wedding

Posted by Azure on November 9th, 2009
About Bubbly Bride

To help add a modern twist to an already contemporary wedding, I saw these clear tables and chairs at Taylor Creative inc. and fell in love! Not only will you save money on table linens and chair covers but your wedding decor will make a huge statement to your guests!

So often you walk into receptions and you see beautiful linens covering the table with equally as elaborate chair covers. While these linens can make a room breathtaking, consider losing the fabric and presenting an alternative look to your friends. The look is clean, it almost appears that the centerpieces and plates are floating on air. It allows your reception to feel open and the room will seem larger. The colorless tables and chairs allow you to play around with all types of lights and colors on the tables.

If you feel that the clear table is a little much, consider adding a design to the top - check out the bottom photo and be impressed with what a little artwork can do! You can adorn your clear table with Crystal Velon and still receive the same overall feel for your room.

If you are planning a modern theme for your wedding reception, in my opinion, this decor will create an atmosphere for your event that will leave you needing few extras. The tables and chairs alone add an interesting enough twist which will make your evening stand out! Don't worry about spending money on fancy linens or elaborate centerpieces. Keep your reception simple, clean, and unforgettable with these modern clear tables and chairs!

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