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Posted by Azure on February 5th, 2010
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The dream starts at the shop window. In the old days--before the Internet and 'online' even existed, window shopping was the best way to begin the gown search. Department stores were once the number one arena for gown inspiration even if you were, "just looking". And if you happened to be in Bergdorf's or B.Altman's... well, there you were amidst all that tulle and satin. Fast forward 50 years: Actually getting out and previewing gowns in their three dimensional form is still exciting. This way you'll get to know fabrics, different embellishments and silhouettes. In other words, you need to experience the touch, feel and fit of a wedding dress to set the wheels turning.

Getting a first look at yourself in a wedding dress--even if it isn't the one--is a giddy kind of thing you'll never forget, all part of the glow of the shopping or salon experience. Of course, salons vary. Some feature apparel solely for brides; others branch out into special occasion and formal wear sections. In metro areas the focus gets more intense. Boutique chic lofts offering edgy innovations serve a different bride than the wall-to-wall plush of department stores like Bonwit Teller.

All these places work in a similar way, though. Most keep a stock of designer samples in house. Once you decide on a gown, you're measured; any special requests are made (if the designer/manufacturer offers any), you put down a deposit, then the order is placed with the designer or manufacturer. Turn around time for delivery runs 4-6 months. This means once your order reaches the designer's workroom, eventually the gown is made according to your measurements. Upon delivery the salon can arrange (for a price) any necessary alterations. This is of course optional. You can take your dress to any outside seamstress you want. A Few Things To Know About Ordering Your Gown

* It can take six months for your gown order to be filled--not factoring in alterations.

* When trying on samples, bring shoes and the kind of undergarments you'll be wearing under your gown. Ditto your first fitting.

* Once your gown does arrive be prepared to stand for at least three fittings. You're going to want to get the gown looking perfect... Helpful Links:

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