Troublesome Trend In The Wedding Industry: The One Stop Shop

Posted by Azure on February 8th, 2010
Special to OneWed by Craig Sumsky of Cutting Edge Entertainment

Since the ‘recession’ began, I’ve seen a growing trend in the ‘one stop shop’ business model amongst wedding and event professionals. More and more vendors who might have gotten into the wedding industry years ago because they were really good at something, or perhaps had a passion for a particular craft, are now ‘branching off’ into offering multiple services.

I recently took part in a wedding showcase… You know, the kind where potential brides and grooms can meet with vendors offering wedding services, sample foods, and in many cases, see a fashion show and check out the latest trends in wedding dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, tuxedos and other formalwear. It was here that I encountered the term “one stop shop” for the third time in the last three months.

As coincidence would have it, it was a vendor that I had worked with many times, a wedding band leader who approached me with a brochure for wedding photography, saying that they had just purchased a few cameras and were going to start offering photography as an ‘add on’... in order to sell it to brides and grooms at the point of sale, effectively grabbing a bigger market share. He even went so far as to say “You know, the brides don’t want to be bothered shopping around, they would rather have a one-stop shop.

So, in other words, he is using the fairly well-respected reputation of his wedding band to sell another service– of which he had little to no experience– simply to earn another thousand or so dollars from the client. He suggested that if I sold his new ‘photography services’ to my own clients, he would even give me a kickback. I made a mental note not to refer this bandleader ever again. My hard earned reputation isn’t worth tarnishing over a quick buck.

I’ve been a DJ in the event industry for over two decades. I’m not a photographer, videographer, decorator, florist or event coordinator. Each one of these is a fairly specialized service, and in many cases, a true art form. To do them well often takes years of practice, honing ones' skills in a craft that requires focus and discipline. A truly skilled photographer can take a much better photo with a $200.00 camera then I ever could with a high-tech $5,000.00 camera. Just as a dentist wouldn’t be the best choice to perform open heart surgery.

As with anything else, there may be exceptions to the rule... but they are few and far between. A skilled videographer or photographer would likely operate out of their own studio, and not depend on working for a DJ company or band to earn their keep. So what you’re likely to end up with in this scenario is just a guy with a camera, which is a far cry from a professional wedding photographer. OneWed says it best with their Wedding Truth #117... Photographs last a lifetime -- invest in a great photographer. And this truth can (and should) be applied across the board when it comes to creating your dream wedding.
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