Bubbly Bride: What’s On Your Wedding Day Checklist?

Posted by Azure on March 16th, 2010
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I promise you one thing, your wedding day will fly by. You will look back at the long day and remember glimpses, trying to put them back together to recreate the wonderful picture to hold with you forever. Your schedule will include waking up, getting your hair and makeup done, taking hundreds of photos and then there will be a point, about half an hour to 45 minutes prior to your wedding ceremony where you will be in waiting. You will sit in a designated area and wait while your guests arrive, the music begins to play and the anticipation builds for your big debut down the aisle.

That half hour, if planned correctly, can make your wedding much more enjoyable and comfortable. You need to take care of those items that are easily forgotten when you are mixed up in the exciting whirlwind of the wedding. Below are 5 tiny to-dos that should be at the top of your list while waiting to walk down the aisle... 1. Use the Restroom - Even if you don't think you need to, trust me that 45 minute ceremony will seem a lot shorter. 2. Hydrate - Not so much that you cancel out #1, but enough to keep you glowing! 3. Find a Seat - Don't worry about wrinkling your wedding dress, get a high stool, throw your train over it and rest your feet. 4. Eat a small bite - Fruit, cheese and crackers, a Hershey's mini chocolate square. Anything that will help keep your blood sugar up until the reception dinner. 5. Freshen up your makeup - Maybe you shed a tear or two, or the heat has taken a toll on your foundation. You want to be at your best so take a minute to touch up so you feel confident.

Don't leave it up to your own chaotic schedule to make sure your to-dos get done in that half hour. Put your maid of honor or a trusted aunt or friend in charge of keeping you on schedule, and listen to them! I know what was on my must-do list before walking down the aisle, what was on yours? Helpful Links: Wedding Checklist Wedding Advice
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