Bubbly Bride: Lengthening The Sleeves On Your Wedding Dress

Posted by Azure on April 27th, 2010
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If you browse the racks of most bridal boutiques you will see the hangers filled with mostly strapless wedding dresses, a few spaghetti straps and maybe a couple cap sleeves and one-shoulder, asymmetric dresses. Rarely do you find long sleeve wedding dresses for brides-to-be.

You read on every blog the importance of finding a wedding dress that you are most comfortable in. You want to feel beautiful walking down the aisle and beautiful does not have to mean strapless! Every body type is built differently and everyone has a different level of comfort with their body. If you tend to dress more conservatively, a bare on top dress might not allow you to feel your best. Possibly in such a formal atmosphere you do not feel it's appropriate to bare skin and would prefer to keep it covered for the wedding ceremony - which is perfectly fine!

If you are a bride that wants to search out the perfect dress with sleeves don't think you will be stuck with frumpy fabric on your dress. Designers are taking this classy look and turning it into a desirable wedding dress. They are incorporating lace on the sleeves which adds a feminine appeal, and adding details such as ribbons and a variety of necklines to keep the look up to date. Many times a long sleeve dress is considered old-fashioned - not any more! High fashion is taking on these sleeves and showing them off on the cat walk.

Don't shy away from these long sleeve dresses because you think there is a stereotype surrounding them. If long sleeved wedding dresses look the best on your body shape and you feel the most attractive in them - skip over the bare shoulder look and make your shopping easy by heading straight to these dramatic dresses! What is your opinion of long sleeve wedding dresses?

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