Bubbly Bride: Embrace The Unavoidable On Your Wedding Day!

Posted by Azure on May 11th, 2010
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No bride wants to admit it, but no matter how much you scrutinize every detail of the wedding day, something will go wrong. You pray for perfect weather and you double-check that you have crossed all of your t's and dotted your i's in the wedding planning process, but unfortunately there are things out of your control that all of the planning in the world will not help you avoid. I write this not to scare you as a bride-to-be, but to let you know that facing this fact early will help you own it, manage it, and avoid much unnecessary stress on your big day.

As a wedding planner, I went into my wedding day with the knowledge that something will go wrong. Not in a pessimistic way, but with a realistic attitude that whatever went wrong (and I knew something would), I would be married at the end of the day and that was all that mattered! The one goal of the day was to marry the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and my mindset was that nothing could rain on our parade!

So that was my mindset, and thank goodness that I set myself up... because boy did everything go wrong! **Let me preface this story with I would not change one detail of my day - I enjoyed every moment of my wedding and relive it with my husband and laugh about it now** Back to my story! The morning of my wedding it rained, not just rain - but a torrential downpour. It rained so much the night prior that they shut down a major highway from southern Indiana to central Indiana. All of my guests that were coming from southern Indiana were unable to get through due to state police and major blockades. Not just my wedding guests, but my close friend who was singing the first song at my wedding ceremony, and my videographer. So as I walked down the aisle, I was without a video of the day and a beautiful opening song from my friend.

I felt lucky when the rain stopped around 2 in the afternoon. Did I mention my wedding was in an outside garden? So the grassy grounds were soaked, but I was determined. The chairs were set up, the sun was out and the 250 guests began to arrive. Not only did the sun come out but it came out in full force. Everyone at the wedding was fully sweating in their fancy suits and designer dresses.

Let's flash to the moment before I walked down the aisle. My best friend/maid of honor was concerned about my strapless wedding dress and wanted to retie me one last time. She hiked the laces so tight to the point where I could barely breathe (I know better than to let this happen, but got caught up in the excitement). As she was tying my dress my bridal party and I were rushed out of the changing room by the day of planner and whisked to the garden. Picture me walking down the aisle, not able to breathe, in extreme heat with the sun beating down on me. I remember laughing as I watched sweat drip down my pastors nose during the wedding ceremony. This was one of the few memories I had since half way through the ceremony I blacked out! I still do not know how I got through my vows! As I put the wedding band on my wonderful husband-to-be, I gracefully (or so I hear) fell back and my wedding dress bellowed out behind me. Yes, I was that fainting bride. Luckily my husband could tell something was wrong and like the prince charming he is - he caught me on my way down. I quickly woke up and due to heat and the events of the day all 250 of my friends and family gathered inside the reception area to finish the ceremony.

I tell you this because I knew better. I knew what I was walking into that day and still the excitement and heat and small detail of my dress being tied tight made all of my plans quickly change. I could have easily been mortified after the fainting, but remember the goal of the day... I had to finish getting married. I stood up... smiled... and made a quick joke about it - because I knew something would go wrong. Would I have ever guessed I would be the fainting bride? Not in a million years! But like I mentioned after all that went wrong I was still dancing in the end with all of my guests having a fantastic time.

My advice for all brides-to-be is to plan as much as you can plan and then sit back and enjoy the day no matter what the day brings.

I've shared my wedding day story, so now I want to know: Are you prepared for something unavoidable to go wrong on your big day? If you had to predict one thing that might go awry, what is it?
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