4 Potential Wedding Photography Disasters And Tips To Avoid Them

Posted by Azure on July 13th, 2010
Dealing with Wedding Photo Disasters by Asha of Decisive Moments Photojournalists

No bride wants to deal with a disaster on her wedding day. Especially a disaster that’s captured for posterity in photographs. Luckily, wedding photography mishaps are avoidable with a little bit of pre-planning, quick thinking, and a talented wedding photographer who knows how to work well with you. Below are our top tips to avoid the unfortunate— and unphotogenic – on your big day! The Problem: It’s raining, and you’d planned an outdoor photo shoot. The Solution: Before the wedding, prepare a backup plan for rain with your photographer. Figure out great indoor spots that might work and talk to your coordinator about a rain plan— she might be able to set aside a banquet room for contingency-plan group photos. If the forecast calls for rain a few days before, purchase chic parasols in your wedding colors for adorable pictures of you and your groom making the best of the weather! The Problem: It’s hot, sunny and you’re melting. The Solution: If you’re planning outdoor photos for a summer wedding, you may want to consider asking your makeup artist or hair stylist to stick around until the ceremony or even until you’re done with post-ceremony photos. This way any drippy makeup or droopy tendrils can be quickly fixed by the professionals. Some vendors include this in their package while others might charge extra. Alternatively, you could make sure that a hair and makeup-savvy bridesmaid is on call for quick touch ups! The Problem: Your photographer’s equipment fails/falls as he is standing on a 12-foot wall/gets waterlogged when he falls head first into a fountain—yes, this has actually happened to us! The Solution: This isn’t a problem you should have to solve on your wedding day— it’s your photographer’s problem. But ensure it doesn’t become a disaster by going over his plans for such equipment failures in advance. This is where it becomes essential to have a professional photographer with a second shooter and extra equipment. Ensure that your photographer will have a backup plan in place for any last-minute technological or equipment failures before signing a contract, and make sure that information is built into your contract. The Problem: Two members of the family are casting murderous glances at one another, making a family photo nearly impossible. The Solution: Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate! You know your family better than anyone, and you know who is getting along with whom. Make your decision about how you’re going to handle family photos for those engaged in a family feud before the wedding— and inform everyone of that decision.

Most photography disasters can be avoided with good advanced planning and an excellent professional photographer who can handle issues as they come up. But above all, remember that your wedding photos should capture the joy of your day. So the best tip we can offer is to relax, take it all in, and smile!

What's the craziest wedding day disaster you've heard about?
Colorful yellow parasols are the perfect solution for rain (or intense sun) on your wedding day!

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