Wedding Planning Top Tips- 5 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding!

Posted by Azure on December 6th, 2010
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Don’t Settle for Cookie Cutter... Your Wedding is All About You! Tradition isn’t a bad thing, but when it comes to your wedding, you want to be sure that your special day is a perfect reflection of you and your fiancé! You can incorporate those traditional wedding elements while adding personal touches that illustrate to wedding guests the bliss that married life will bring! Here are the top 5 areas where you can infuse fun, creative twists to your wedding celebration: 1.Bridal Style& Wedding Day Look– Don’t forget about the “smaller” things that will reflect your personal style. One of my coworkers will be getting married next May, and I found out that the first thing she and her fiancé finalized... their wedding day shoe styles! The bride chose a pair of bright pink shoes from J. Crew (her favorite clothing store), while her fiancé, a laid-back easy going type of guy, chose a pair of Converse® Jack Purcell® shoes. Consider both style and color of your bridal accessories, and push the envelope if you dare! Who says you have to stick with black and white for your bridal heels& groom's shoes? 2.Wedding Favors, Centerpieces, Bouquets& More– Have you thought about adding a little something to make your “must have” wedding decor stand out a bit more? Something as simple as personalized ribbon can be chicly applied to your wedding guest favors, bridesmaids' bouquets, reception table centerpieces, and more! 3.Wedding Invitations– In the past few years, a stereotypical “wedding invitation template” has surfaced, making it easy for your invites to look a bit generic. To ensure your wedding stationery stands out, look for a wedding pro that understands your wedding style, and can communicate that in an exciting visual representation that reflects you. 4.Wedding Photographer– I’m an amateur photographer, and there are certain things I like to shoot, and certain styles I like when it comes to my art. But when it comes to your wedding, make certain you hire a photographer that will shoot in a style that reflects what you and your fiancé want. One of my good friends and photography mentor, Dawn Marshall of Marshall Photography suggests, “Personalized wedding portraits are not simply about the art of photography, they’re about the art of listening. During consultations with clients, my goal is to get to know them so that we can work together to tell their story.5.Your Vows– Maybe it’s just me, but I find that writing out my thoughts is a much better way to communicate what I’m thinking than just speaking off the cuff. If the house of worship or venue you’re getting married in allows it, consider penning your own wedding vows that reflect the seriousness of the commitment you’re about to make. How do you plan to personalize your wedding?? Let us know in the comment section below!

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