Find Your Dream Wedding Vendors: 6 Things to Know

Posted by Azure on January 31st, 2011
He finally asked. You said yes. You’ve shared the news with your family, friends, and the world of Twitter and updated your Facebook status to engaged. Now the fun part begins – the wedding planning! You’ve bought every bridal book in town, subscribed to 50 wedding blogs (including OneWed’s Savvy Scoop bridal blog), and have asked those close to you for recommendations on wedding vendors. But how can you find quality vendors, within your budget, that are perfect for your unique event? Keep reading. 1. Hire a wedding planner if your budget allows! In addition to helping manage your time and stress levels, they’re one of your best resources for finding good vendors. Their reputation depends on your happiness with how the wedding turns out, so they shouldn’t recommend an unprofessional or second-rate vendor. And while hiring a wedding planner isn’t cheap, they can often leverage their connections to get you deals, which could mean better vendors for you while keeping within your budget. 2. Meet with a minimum of three of each type of vendor, and never sign a contract at the initial meeting. Sure, your best friend’s cousin’s dog sitter used them and loved them, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for you. Meet with a few and then take some time to compare and contrast at home. Make sure they fit your style, budget and personality better than any other vendor before you sign with them. For tips #3-6, head over to our Advice section where the full 6 Tips to Finding Your Dream Wedding Vendors is posted!
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