Bridal Boudoir Shoot: What, Why and How to Own It!

Posted by Azure on February 23rd, 2011
By this point, you probably know what a bridal boudoir shoot is. But just in case, here's the lowdown. A boudoir shoot captures implied nude photos of the bride-to-be, meaning you'll be wearing very little without actually showing anything.

Have you considered doing a boudoir shoot? Brides love boudoir because the photos can be put into an album and given to the groom the day of the wedding. But... some people think boudoir is raunchy. I disagree, and think these gorgeous photos by Adam & Imthiaz Photography prove my point. Raunchy they are not. Seductive, romantic, sophisticated and classy. Now that's more like it!

Below are 6 quick tips for a successful bridal boudoir photo shoot: •Hot Lingerie: Splurge on a few killer pieces of lingerie for the shoot. Then bring them along for your honeymoon. •Tone Up: If you book your shoot far in advance, hit up a few yoga or pilates classes in the weeks leading up to the shoot. You'll want to feel your best, and this will help. •Be Honest: Share any reservations you have with your photographer prior to the shoot. Make sure they know your level of comfort. •Sultry Hair: Wear big, bouncy hair (all down) so you feel like a sex pot! A voluminous hairstyle is key! •Moral Support: Bring your best friend along for the ride to put you at ease. •Pop the Bubbly: Feel free to pop the champagne and have a glass (or two) before the session begins. It'll loosen you up.

My two cents? There's a good chance that the hot body you're rocking today won't last forever. You're young, fit and fabulous, so why not capture all that lovely for your groom-to-be? I say go for it! What do you think of brides doing boudoir? I think if you choose the right photographer, your boudoir shoot will be a breeze!
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