Choose the Best Wedding Dress White for Your Skin Tone

Posted by Azure on March 16th, 2011
You've probably thought about which wedding dress whites best flatter your skin tone. But figuring this out isn't as simple as it seems. Since one lucky bride will win the August Tan airbrush tanning system from Stream Cosmetics this week, I thought this was the perfect time to delve into this important topic.

First, figure out whether you have a warm or cool complexion. Here's an easy trick. Try on two dresses- a pure white dress, and an ivory or candlelight gown- and ask yourself:

1. Does my skin glow?

2. Are my skin imperfections or wrinkles less noticeable?

3. Does the color bring out the highlights in my hair?

4. Do my eyes sparkle?

If you get the most yeses while wearing the white wedding dress, then you have a cool complexion.

If you have more yeses while donning the ivory dress, the you have a warm complexion.

Below are the most common wedding dress whites. The first two (optical white and silk white) are most flattering on cool-complected brides, and the next three (ivory, ecru, champagne) look best on brides with warm complexions. Optical White- amped up snow white, with an almost neon appearance. Optical white wedding dresses are often made from man-made fabrics like organza, but pure silk fabrics can also be bleached for a slinkier optical white wedding dress. Optical white looks best on dark skinned and tan brides. Silk White- a chalky white that only natural fabrics can produce. Dress designers and retailers often refer to silk white as diamond white, natural white, or silky white. Fair skinned blond and redhead brides should avoid a silk white wedding dress, as this hue tends to wash out a creamy complexion. Ivory- ivory is the most common wedding dress hue. It’s a warmed up white, and can take on several unique shades. Ivory with a yellow buttercream tint to it is sometimes referred to as candlelight, cream, or eggshell. Fair skinned brides with blond and red hair look best in ivory wedding dresses. Ecru- a much darker white than ivory, ecru is closer in color to tan and beige. Ecru has gained popularity with wedding dress designers, and looks great with heavier dress fabrics like peau de soie and duchess satin. Champagne- this warm wedding dress hue is similar to beige, but champagne wedding dresses have a bit of sheen or sparkle. Brides with medium skin look fantastic in champagne gowns. What wedding dress white will you be wearing when you walk down the aisle? Have you taken your skin tone into account?
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