Wedding Reception Toasts: 6 Tips to Writing a Successful Toast

Posted by Azure on March 28th, 2011
Toast-making is definitely a skill, and a memorable toast at your wedding is a must!

Once you've selected your Maid of Honor and Best Man, and decided on who will be toasting you and your fiance, send them these five toasting tips from Julie Subotky, author of Consider It Done: Accomplish 228 of Life’s Trickiest Tasks:

• Focus on the Couple: The number one key to a successful toast it to make it about the couple you are toasting. Don’t talk about yourself. It’s fine to let people in on some little secret, but if you’re going to include yourself in the story, you’d better make it something really funny or interesting. • Keep it Classy: Since the wedding reception room will be filled with family, older relatives, and close childhood friends, your toast should be PG to PG-13 rated. A bit of joking is fine but don’t go overboard, and steer clear of humor involving sex, looks/attractiveness, or any other topics that might offend. • Short and Sweet: This is perhaps the most important rule of toast writing. At the wedding reception, people will put their expensive meals and conversations on hold while they listen to your toast. So once you cross the five-minute line, you’re in dangerous territory. Rehearse beforehand to get the timing down. • Get Personal: Jot down a few key notes about the couple you are planning to toast. These should be personal, but not too personal (no embarrassing childhood anecdotes), and specific. The more you celebrate what makes the couple truly unique, the better. • Follow the Winning Formula: A good plan for success is this: intro (who you are and your relationship to the couple), joke, joke, a few heartfelt words, then raise a glass. And before you sit back down, don’t forget to acknowledge and thank the audience.

Don't you feel better about your BFF making a toast at your wedding now that you know these toasting guidelines?
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