Reduce Wedding Day Stress with… your something blue?

Posted by Azure on September 20th, 2011
Forget the Xanax... and bring on that something blue!

Every bride needs that perfect something blue when she walks down the aisle to meet her groom. Some brides choose blue wedding shoes or a blue garter, while others incorporate blue in their bridal bouquets or wedding jewelry.

But did you know that your something blue can actually help reduce stress and calm those pre-wedding jitters? asked color theorists to study the shade of blue, and their findings will surprise (and delight) you.

The presence of blue can lower pulse rates and regulate body temperature, and since most brides feel a bit nervous before saying I Do, these soothing effects are hugely beneficial.

Pantone's executive director sites blue's 'magical aspect', a metaphysical connection that speaks to people, causing them to respond. They're even introducing blue street lights in places like Japan and Scotland in hopes that the calming blue hue will reduce crime. So how will you incorporate your something blue? Are you more excited about this wedding checklist task now that you know the benefits of blue?

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