Bubbly Bride: Patterns full of Personality

Posted by Azure on March 16th, 2009
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Too often as we choose our dresses, linens and invitations we stick to traditional solid colors. When asked, "What are your wedding colors?", pattern is never mentioned. While most brides shy away from patterns, I think that adding patterns to your wedding day will bring out your personality. It will take your color scheme and add textures and dimensions that will WOW your guests!

Become inspired by simple things around you and incorporate the patterns you see into your wedding day. I found these cakes at In Style Weddings and love how they take patterns from dresses, wrapping paper and china plates, and turn them into unique cake creations!

While solid colors, simplicity and straight lines can appear clean and put together, it can also appear basic and easy. Let the cake represent who you are as a couple! Whether it is a lacy handkerchief your grandma left you or a crazy t-shirt that you wore in college, finding an item that is symbolic to you and then recreating that pattern in the cake, invitations or decorations is an artistic and fun way to tie in the memories!! Let your friends and family know where the pattern came from...they will enjoy the walk down memory lane with you!!

These pictures show you how to take ordinary things around you and turn them into masterpieces. Do not stop at the cake, add texture to your bridesmaid dresses and invitations. I suggest involving your vendors, they know what works best, let them try to take your pattern and make it abstract and unique for your wedding.

Shy away from solids—add passion with patterns! smile Send us pictures of a pattern you incorporated into your day and let us know if there is a story behind it!!

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