Wedding Cake Traditions, a Little History

Posted by Azure on July 15th, 2009
One of the things that makes planning a wedding so challenging is that people like to tell you that either you can’t, or must, do something because “it’s tradition.” What’s so interesting about this is that most of us actually know very little about the wedding traditions to which we’re so attached.

For example, did you know that wedding cake was traditionally a meat dish, and not a very tasty sounding one. Lamb testicles anyone? It wasn’t until the 1500s, when sugar became more available in England, that the white cake we all think of was served. Even then, it was only very wealthy families that served such a thing at their weddings.

Cakes became more and more elaborate throughout the Victorian age, also the time period when the white wedding dress became common. In 1947, when the present-day Queen Elizabeth got married, her cake weighed 500 pounds!

So, if you and your mother are arguing cake vs. cupcakes, feel free to tell her you’re happy to stick with tradition, as long as she’s happy to shop for the lamb testicles!

Are there any wedding traditions you'd like to know the history behind?

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