Bubbly Bride: Local Wedding News- Fire Destroys Cakegirls Bakery in Lakeview

Posted by Azure on March 30th, 2010
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Within the wedding business you see many new vendors starting from scratch with a clear passion for their trade. Not everyone is able to survive in the highly competitive market, but if you are able to position yourself with a unique twist or simply just be that good to stand out, then you will be on the path for success. Brenda and Mary Maher are two sisters who have the talent to survive, and started Cakegirls from their Chicago apartment that grew to a delectable bakery in Lakeview.

The fire began on the residential second floor and the Maher sisters have been informed that the damage is irreparable and the building will be condemned. They were unable to enter the building to try to recover any of their computers containing vital information for their business. Moving forward one step at a time, the Maher's must first tackle their numerous Easter orders for this coming weekend.

Their wedding cakes stand tall with intricate designs and elaborate details, making these cakes sought after and nationally recognized as a go-to bakery in Chicago. Away from the wedding industry the sisters' specialize in a variety of holiday cakes for any season. Anything from food, technology (such as iPods) and purses can be built by these ladies. It is truly an art what they are able to do with cakes and I love seeing the final creations.

Mary Maher is a former winner of the Food Networks' "Last Cake Standing" and has fed many celebrities such as Bono, Queen Latifah, Ashlee Simpson and Jim Carrey. The bakery has been open for seven years, and I have no doubt that it will be up and running in a short time. Helpful Links Wedding News Wedding Cakes Cakes and Bakers
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