It’s A Jaime Thing: A Spoon Full Of Sugar…

Posted by Azure on March 24th, 2009
...And A Little Bit Of Love!

Looking to add a sweet touch to your wedding? Surprise your guests with a little bit of love.

What kind of love, you ask? Love in the form of heart-shaped treats! Sweets for the sweets. After all, it's ever fitting for the occasion, wouldn't you say?

Chocolate is not only thought of as an aphrodisiac, but it's also known to elevate your mood. So why not make your event even more pleasurable for your guests? Please them with a lil' bite of heaven! I especially love the idea of placing a chocolate heart on each guests' spoon ~ what a fun way to display your love for them! Perhaps you could even use that idea as your favors.

To see how to create these fantastic yumifications (yes, that's a word straight out of the Jaime Dictionary), just visit the links shown with each photo. For more wedding inspiration or ideas, please feel free to stop by the wedding blog I write at I've even got a yummy recipe for chocolate martinis in there for you. Enjoy! ~ Jaime

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