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Posted by Azure on April 6th, 2009
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Trust me...I know the first thing you are thinking when the wedding and reception are over is get me on the Honeymoon! After a year of planning every detail of your wedding - so that your friends and family can fly from all over the country to come and join you celebrating, why be in such a rush? Between the wedding and the reception you rarely have a free moment to spend quality time with those you love. My suggestion is to relax and set aside the morning after to continue the celebration!

A more intimate brunch with your close family members will allow you time to truly thank them for traveling and let them convey their excitement on your new marriage! Not only will planning a brunch the next day give you extra time to spend catching up, but you will be able to finalize your honeymoon packing stress free that evening and maybe even sneak in opening gifts if you have time.

You do not need to plan anything elaborate, it can be as simple as local friends pitching in for an easy buffet breakfast, or all meeting at a nearby restaurant. I promise that your family who traveled far will leave the weekend feeling that the trip was well worth it! If it is at your house, keep it simple and stick to bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins etc the point isn't to serve another entire hearty meal, but to relax and enjoy your family in a smaller, more casual environment. Decorations are easy...Simply grab the flowers from the wedding the night before!! Another great idea I have seen at these morning after brunches is they play a video from the wedding and watch "highlights" and laugh about funny stories that happened the prior day .

It is a win-win situation! Your friends and family will truly appreciate you postponing your honeymoon a few hours, and you will get to take a moment to unwind before jumping on an airplane! Did you host a morning-after brunch? Would you recommend it for brides to be?!

A tasty brunch with your family and friends is perfect for the day after your wedding

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