5 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Catering and Reception Menu

Posted by Azure on March 7th, 2011
As intimate, sophisticated weddings become more popular, couples strive to personalize every aspect of their wedding day. In the past, "Chicken or Fish" was the standard in wedding catering. But foodies rejoice... those days are long gone! Today, wedding guests can actually get excited about the wedding reception food, because unique menu options that reflect a couple's culture, heritage and individual tastes are becoming all the rage! Here are 5 ideas to put a unique spin on your wedding reception menu: 1. Variety is Key: Offer several main course options including a fish, meat and vegetarian plate. And ask your wedding caterer to whip up several special sauces that your wedding guests can choose from. This gives each main course a special twist and your guests the variety they crave. 2. Get Rustic, Go Local: Give guests a Tuscan-inspired treat the moment they sit down at your wedding reception. Place a rustic cutting board piled high with meats, cheeses, fruits and the like, and go local to support sustainability and score the freshest fare around! 3. Around the World: I used to think that food stations at wedding receptions were tacky. But I've changed my mind! As more couples incorporate unique cultures and ethnicities into their I Dos, food stations have taken a sophisticated turn. Try offering a wedding reception menu that highlights your favorite dishes from around the world. A sushi station, a Mediterranean station, an Italian station, you get where I'm going with this! 4. Consider a Tasting Menu: Especially if you and your fiance are bona fide foodies! With a tasting menu, you'll serve wedding guests 5 or 6 small plates (as opposed to a soup/salad, main course, and dessert) and pair each plate with a complimentary wine. If your wedding venue allows you to bring in your own wine, the tasting menu option is a great one that won't break the bank. 5. Showcase Your City: Being a Chicago girl through and through, I take great pride in my city's fabulous (albeit fatty) food. If you feel this way about your city's grub, let the local fare inspire your wedding reception menu. This is a great way to showcase your city and add a personal touch to your wedding day. What other unique menu ideas have you considered for your wedding reception? We shared our top five, now dish yours, lovely Savvy Scoopers!
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