Always A Blogsmaid: Owning Vs. Renting!

Posted by Azure on March 12th, 2009
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Even if you are looking to trim your budget, you may not want to to scrimp on style. Lately, I've been advising my clients to consider working with your florist or decorator to supply some of your own materials. Sometimes buying your own votives, pillars, candelabras or even vases may enable you to get the look you want for less. It's not uncommon that you'll have to pay your florist a small handling fee for the items, but it's often a small price to pay to get a great look without a big price tag.

One of our brides did an ebay spree for vintage candelabras that served as her centerpieces and got a ton for only around $15 each. We had another bride realize that she could buy these gold chargers at Save on Crafts for about 20% of the cost of renting them!

Another one of our brides bought these awesome vintage depression glass pitcher sets. We sent the pitchers to the florist for the centerpieces and used the glasses as votive holders.

Indeed, wedding decor can be found all around us. Dreamt about candlesticks galore on your dining tables? Why not use these CB2 candlesticks? At $3-7 each, you might as well use them in your house after the wedding rather than just rent them (you can remove the wax with boiling water)!

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