Bubbly Bride: Sweetheart vs. Head Table at Your Wedding Reception

Posted by Azure on May 25th, 2009
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There is a lot of thought that goes into arranging seating for your wedding. You take all of your friends and family members over the years, and try to put them with other personalities that they will get along with and have a memorable experience! The big question is where are you and your new groom going to sit?

Do you set up the traditional head table with your entire wedding party all in a line in the front of the reception, or do you put yourselves at a small table to have some alone time before the dancing begins? Another option, if your bridal party has significant others, is to have everyone sit in a designated area but with the guest they brought. I will go through some of the benefits of each option below, and I would love to hear where you sat at your wedding and why. Sweetheart Table

1. You will get to spend a few intimate moments of alone time with your new husband.

2. Especially if you choose not to have a receiving line after the wedding, your guests will know where to come find you and congratulate you and chat for a moment.

3. Since you have hundreds of people to make sure you say hello to, you will not be at your table long. A sweetheart table will allow you to eat and then get up and mingle on your own schedule, without leaving those who you are eating with.

4. Your bridal party can sit at tables with their significant others near your table.

5. All eyes are on your sweetheart table, ensuring you and your new husband are the center of attention. Head Table

1. Head Tables are a big tradition at weddings and are still the norm at receptions.

2. Your bridal party is featured as the most important guests in your life. It is seen as a honor to be able to sit at the head table.

3. You are able to enjoy your dinner with your friends before you jet set on your honeymoon.

4. During the speeches and first dances your bridal party is guaranteed the best view!

5. Your bridal party has spent all day celebrating together and they get to continue the festivities over dinner.

Neither table set up is right or wrong, it is a personal preference and figuring out what works best for your specific wedding! If your main goal is to make it around to see everyone that attended the wedding, a sweetheart table might be the way to go. But if your intentions are to relax and truly celebrate with the 8 - 10 most important people to you, than you would enjoy the traditional head table. How are you planning on arranging the seating at your wedding?

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