A Sparkling Reception Idea: Fireworks

Posted by Azure on July 1st, 2009
Continuing with our Fourth of July theme...

If this weekend’s fireworks displays get you thinking about adding some oooh and ahhh to your reception, we have some ideas for you.

1. Outdoor Display - This is possible, but remember it involves planning, space, darkness, and of course additional money for insurance.
A Sparkling Reception Idea: Fireworks

2. Indoor Display – Some companies can do stunning indoor displays for less money than a full-fledged outdoor display. Again, don’t forget to check with the venue about insurance and other concerns.

3. Sparklers are a great way to add a little excitement. Guests can hold up sparklers and form a line as you leave the reception; larger sparklers can be placed in the ground to line the driveway as you drive away; and smaller sparklers could be used as favors. Bamboo sparklers are less expensive than wire ones, but they have more smoke and ash, so they aren’t as safe.

If you’re considering using sparklers as party favors, give a little thought to your guest list. If you have a lot of teenagers, or guests who act like teenagers once they get a few drinks in them, this may not be the best plan.
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