Engage!09 ... A Wedding Industry Summit in Paradise

Posted by Azure on July 7th, 2009
I had the incredible honor of recently attending the engage!09 luxury wedding summit by the lovely and talented Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce of Engaging Concepts. With an unbelievable line-up of speakers including Carley Roney, Darcy Miller, Marcy Blum, Millie Martini-Bratten, Sylvia Weinstock, Antonia van der Meer, Simon T. Bailey and Preston Bailey, spectacular opening event design from Michelle Rago and closing party design from Jo-Anne Brown of Celebrations, invitations from Smock, placecards from Momental Designs, hand-made maps from Laura Hooper, a swag bag big enough to sleep in, attendees and panel members so smart, sassy & talented I squeeze myself, and all of this nestled at the Ritz-Carlton along Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman....need I say more! Of course a photo (and video) is worth a thousand words, so I'm pleased to share these images from my new engage!09 pal, Stacey Kane.

A few of my favorite #engage09 quotes:

-"Social media allows you to build relationships with potential clients." Bee Kim

-"I do not sell wedding dresses. When she got the ring, the dress was already sold. I merely dress her." Randy Fenoli

-"If you sell luxury you have to look luxury." Randy Fenoli

-"Your personality is the reflection of your art." Sean Low

-"This is carnation time!" Preston Bailey

-"Failure is not final" Simon T Bailey

-"When I think success, I see success, expect success..." Simon T Bailey

-"When operating in Brilliance, I have no competition." Simon T Bailey

-"Champions look at what they're going to. Losers look at what their going through." Simon T Bailey

-"Let's talk about what's important in life. if something fails, just keep plowing through." Sylvia Weinstock

-"Stick with the best ingredients you have" Sylvia Weinstock

-"Way to make the economics work...do better with the clients you have." Marcy Blum

-"Do you what feels like you & your fiance & not what everyone else wants. Don't worry about being on trend" Darcy Miller

-"Trust your vendors" Darcy Miller

For more photos from engage!09, Donna Von Bruening assembled this stunning slideshow.

Bee Kim filmed this little ditty of Sylvia Weinstock & Randy Fenoli on the dance floor! Enjoy!

And the spectacular team at Celebrations, who outfitted the final event of the summit, assembled this fine video of the last evening.

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