How to Create the Perfect Wedding Toast, Have Someone Write it for You

Posted by Azure on July 10th, 2009
You love your maid-of-honor. She’s your best-friend, she’s been with you through grade school, summer camp, high school, and countless break-ups. You know she loves you and has hundreds of great things to say about you and your fiancé at the wedding, if only she were capable of writing a decent speech. Too bad speechwriters are only for politicians. Guess what? Now they aren’t. Oratory Laboratory takes the concept of speech writing and brings it to a level everyone can take advantage of. They work with best men, maids of honors, or even brides and grooms writing their own vows to create customized, personal speeches and toasts. You talk to them about your anecdotes, experiences, and the ideas you want to express; they turn them into a coherent speech, and even work with you on presentation! Hmm, now how to gently suggest this to Uncle Larry…

Are you worried about what people will say at your wedding?
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