Bubbly Bride: Not So Traditional in A Black Wedding Dress

Posted by Azure on July 27th, 2009
About Bubbly Bride

Brides are changing trends and choosing not to settle for the white wedding dreams of the past. They are becoming a bit more edgy with their attire and looking fabulous in black wedding gowns! The long belief and tradition of women in white wedding dresses symbolizing purity and wholeness seems to have fallen aside, while chic eye-catching fashion has become the front runner.

While goth-style brides have been known to dazzle in black, this fashion statement is beginning to be seen with brides who want to host an unpredictable, unique affair. Black has always been a classy color, so why shy away on your wedding day. I would caution you to practice your makeup and plan your flowers and decor accordingly. If you do not want to come off too dark you need to play up the color in the favors, flowers and table linens around you. If you really wanted to mix up tradition, I suggest having the groom wear a white tux to recreate to black/white dichotomy.

Black has always been known to slim down any figure, so why on your one day would you not want to show off your figure in the best light possible? It pops with almost any color and will definitely leave your guests talking for years after. This style of dress is not for the meek— not all of your friends and family members will necessarily approve of your choice of color. Let me remind you the goal of your wedding is not to please your guests, but to be confident that you have stayed true to yourself while planning your day.

If you have 10 or more "little black dresses" and you feel most comfortable in black, don't go against your usual to spend a day in a white poofy dress. Be bold and take a risk, nothing will be more beautiful and more memorable than you in your ideal wedding gown! Is this a trend that will continue to take off...or just a quick fad that brides will grow old with? Let me know what you think!

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