Ask the Experts: What Does a Day of Coordinator Coordinate?

Posted by Azure on December 17th, 2009
In this week's Ask the Experts column we answer a frequently asked question: Dear Ask the Experts,

I see a lot of articles suggesting that I get a Day of Coordinator. But, I’m a little confused about what exactly a Day of Coordinator does. What does she coordinate? I’d love to hear from some caterers/florists/photographers/musicians if they prefer it if a bride has a day of coordinator.


Possibly Uncoordianted

What's fascinating is that none of the answers are from wedding planners, they're all from other wedding professionals.

Hmm, sounds like some wedding planners in Atlanta and Canton should be sharing the love with a Vendor's Choice nomination!

For the rest of you, read the answers and then let us know, are you convinced, will you be hiring a Day of Coordinator?

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