Wedding Flower Friday: The Symbolism Behind Different Types Of Wedding Flowers

Posted by Azure on May 7th, 2010
For many brides, once the wedding planning is said and done, the money spent on wedding flowers will represent a hefty chunk of the total wedding budget. Lots of colorful blooms at your wedding ceremony and reception will prove to be well worth the money, but... why not select flowers that have a special meaning to you and your hubby-to-be?

Every type of flower has a special symbolic meaning, many of which represent qualities that are essential to a blissful, loving & lasting marriage. If it was love at first sight when you first met your fiance, include beautiful Gloxinias in your bridal bouquet or wedding ceremony florals. Peonies are the perfect wedding flowers, as they represent happy life and happy marriage.

Marriages are not perfect, and there will be bumps in the road. To show the patience, understanding and endless devotion you'll bring to your marriage, include Mimosa flowers (which symbolize sensitivity) and Magenta Zinnias (representing lasting affection) in your wedding floral arrangements. Have you considered the symbolic meaning behind the wedding flowers you choose? Will the symbolism influence your ultimate decision, or are you all about the aesthetic beauty of your wedding flowers?
White Stephanotis flowers represent happiness in marriage; Zinnias symbolize lasting affection

The pink Arbutus flower represents “only love you”; Mimosa flowers symbolize sensitivity

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