Bizarre Wedding Venues: Top 10 Offbeat Locations to Get Hitched

Posted by Azure on February 1st, 2011

This top 10 list of obscure wedding venues has been created with lots of love from our friends at To check out more quirky, funny and offbeat top ten lists, be sure to visit their blog.



Check out the 10 most obscure wedding venues!


1. Wed at a crocodile ranch: In Australia and South Africa, real crocodile ranches offer wedding packages! Dare to explore this venue option? The croc wedding environment is only for the adventurer at heart!

2. Budget Wedding Venue: Getting Hitched at Wal-Mart or T.J. Maxx Both Wal-Mart and T.J. Maxx have wedding venues on their inventory. The discount stores have venues that include being bathed in soft fluorescent lighting. What better way to get hitched and to hitch on to a great deal.

3. Wed Like Tarzan Use Wires To Join You With Jane Get married in the deep forest. Use body piercings and pass wires through to suspend you and your spouse with wires. These wedding venues are only virtual, not hooking.

4. Try A Spacy Wedding Care to say I Do in space? These bizarre wedding venues induce vomiting, and not because of wedding day jitters! Try zero gravity wedding venues for a chance to float.

5. Want Fred or Superman For A Spouse? Try a wedding venue held in a cave or phone booth. If you and your lover would like to tie your knots in caves or phone booths, there check out the Ozarks or try a Norwegian phone booth. One catch, no claustrophic nearlyweds or wedding guests allowed.

6. Get Married Under A Human Cross Talking about bizarre, you can play Da Vinci going straight and getting married with a real human dripping blood on a real cross behind you. Sounds more like a vampire setting up a witchy religion than a couple saying I Do!

7. Can I Get Fries With That? Why make your poor wedding guests drive to your wedding reception. These wedding venues are all inclusive, and the McDonald's golden arch can serve as your ceremony arbor. White Castle, McDonalds or Taco Bell, all great choices for the fast food loving couple....

8. Wed Or Die At The Mortuary Trust me on this. A wedding venue held at a mortuary. They might throw in meals on a coffin.

9. Is This A Raid On A French Foreign Army Deserters Line? If weird hasn't quite hit your fancy, yet, try a wedding venue on a firing range. The firing range might really be a cow dairy herd and your guests might be knee deep in you know what.

10. Wedding On The Berlin Wall Join your spouse on the Berlin Wall and say to the world, My Wedding or something like that. The actual Berlin Wall got hitched years back, and when it fell, the wall's wifey accused Germany of mutilating her husband. Ha.


Would you tie the knot at any of these weird wedding venues?On a scale from 1 to 10, how creeped out are you?? If nothing else, we hope you got a good laugh out of this top 10 list!

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Weird wedding venues- McDonald’s, a phone booth, in space, at a firing range


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