4 Delicious Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Posted by Azure on February 4th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Lisa W. for FiftyFlowers.com 4 Delicious Floral Ideas To Ask Your Designer About

This luxuriously dreamy wedding gallery was created by top floral designers at Wendell Design Group to inspire wedding professionals from around the world who attended The Special Event Convention in Phoenix last week. Take a closer look at these luscious wedding ceremony looks that are good enough to eat! 1. Sweet Altar Offering: If you are looking for a spiritual ritual reminiscent of the ancient east, consider a gorgeous floral platter that resembles crystallized fruit. Place it as a focal point on the ceremony altar and or include it in the ceremony. You and your soon-to-be mister can nuzzle or sprinkle each other with a flower blossom to symbolize this union. 2. Candy Coated Chairs: Imagine each wedding guest’s heightened excitement to sit in such an appetizing ceremony chair. A traditional chiavari chair is draped with fabric and garnished with a pink, carnation garland. The rose at the base of the swag completes the look. If budget precludes this divine seat for every wedding guest, consider using as special seating for each of your parents and then at your sweetheart table during the reception. 3. Sugary Backdrop: The gorgeous crystal bead curtain, reminiscent of spun-sugar is a glistening backdrop for your wedding ceremony. And the wedding flower valance created with carnation garland strung at varying heights is a delightful feast for the eyes. Each strand is accented with a Bicolor rose that seemingly beckons hummingbirds with sweet as honey nectar to join your celebration. 4. Walk on Dessert: This rose petal aisle is like Turkish delight guiding you to meet your true love. Bright, candied colors line the ceremony aisle. And the fragrant texture evokes a sweet treat for your guests who enjoy the view as they await your arrival. And when the moment comes for you, the bride, you will float across a candy land into the arms of your sweetheart.

Special thanks to Melissa Jill for photographing these gorgeous images.

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