Pets and Wedding Entertainment: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Posted by Azure on April 19th, 2011
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Any animal lover knows that pets can quickly become a member of your family. With more couples living together and owning pets together before the wedding, and weddings taking a decidedly personal turn, it’s no wonder that a lot of couples are incorporating their furriest family members into the wedding day.

Before deciding whether or not to make your pet a part of your wedding day, there are some obvious things to consider, like whether or not the wedding venue allows pets, whether your pet likes people, and whether you have someone to take care of the pet while you enjoy the party. But, there may be a few other issues to consider, especially when it comes to wedding entertainment and your pet. • Have you cleared the idea of bringing your pet with all of your day-of wedding vendors? Do you know for a fact that your DJ is not allergic to dogs or that your singer won’t have a panic attack when she meets your Pit Bull? • Although Paris Hilton likes to bring her miniatures to clubs, most people realize that bringing a tiny dog onto a crowded dance floor is a bad idea. If you’re planning on having a lot of dancing, where will Fifi go during the party? • Does Bowzer turn into a whimpering mess during a thunderstorm? Then he probably won’t be crazy about a strong bass line coming from the speakers. • Is Spike still a puppy with a serious chew fetish? The DJ’s wires may be a little too tempting.

If you do decide to make Fluffy part of your big day, here are some ideas for incorporating her into your reception: • Make her part of your entrance as bride and groom. • Stage a special first bride/groom/dog dance. • Have a special doggy cake and doggy cake cutting. • Pepper your playlist with doggy favorites like Who Let the Dogs Out, You’re My Best Friend, and of course, anything by Snoop Dog or Bow Wow Wow (for a retro feel).

Of course, if you want to think a little bigger about animals and your wedding day, don’t forget that GigMasters has several entertainers who can bring performing animals to your party! If that idea sounds great but expensive, don’t forget that GigMasters gives away $500 in free wedding entertainment every month! For more great entertainment ideas, check out our new wedding blog.
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