Don’t Stress About the Wedding Reception Playlist: Quick Tip

Posted by Azure on May 19th, 2011
Are you stressing about the music at your wedding reception?

Because your wedding guests will be both young and old, spanning several eras, music selection can be a stress-inducing wedding planning task. You want your DJ to play music you love and music that'll get your guests out on the dance floor.

A little birdie shared a fantastic tip to ease the stress many couples feel when making their play list and do not play list. Here's the skinny... On your RSVP cards, add a line inviting guests to make a song request. This will make invitees feel like part of the celebration and help you incorporate variety into your play list. By no means do you have to honor every song request—if you hate country and several guests request country songs, just omit these choices from the list you hand off to your DJ.

By soliciting suggestions from your wedding guests, you can breath easy knowing that the types of music they'll boogie down to will be incorporated into your special day! What do you think of this wedding planning tip? Have you considered asking guests for music suggestions or requests?
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